Lewis Automation began life in 1968 as "Lewis - HW & Co."

Harry Lewis started a business that believed in solving problems and servicing customer's requirements. Harry was a man of vision and integrity with a great appreciation of all things technical & mechanical. He soon realised there was a need for a company that specialised in advanced & unusual pneumatic equipment. He set about selling ultra-robust high flow valves, indexing tables, pneumatic drills and press feeders. He also stocked toggle clamps and workholding equipment. The company grew in the 70's & 80's and moved several times to larger premises around the southern Sydney area of Mortdale/Riverwood.

In the early 90's the company changed hands and was re-named "Lewis Automation". Harry's business model had proved successful and was retained as the company continued to grow. Offices were established in Melbourne and Adelaide. In 2002, the Sydney head office was moved to brand new premises in the south west industrial suburb of Ingleburn. In 2005, Lewis Automation acquired the business interests of Techni Automation Sales which brought a wider product range and more customers on board.

At Lewis Automation we set out to help Australian industry be more efficient and productive. We believe in producing better solutions by using the right approach and the right products for the job. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of pneumatic automation means we can save you time, effort and money.

At Lewis Automation, we have a long and proud tradition of personalised service and attention to detail. Technical competence, superior products and dedication to ongoing improvement is what make us different.

Try browsing our site for ideas on products that may make your work easier - and give us a call to discuss your application.

In 2016, Lewis Automation continues to lead the way in pneumatic automation. Our range has expanded to include electric actuators and diesel filtration equipment, as well as all the pneumatic control equipment we have been known for.

We continue to uphold the quality of product and service our customers have come to rely upon over many years.