Moving Coil Actuators


A moving coil actuator makes use of the fact that the wound coils are lighter than the magnet. If the moving mass is smaller then greater acceleration may be achieved via an identical force, accoriding to Newton's second law (F=ma). These greater accelerations allow the actuator to reach its designated position with increased speed. This also aplies to the negative-acceleration (deceleration) of the actuator. This rapid acceleration plays a vital role in some of the ground-breaking innovations that have been introduced to the electric actuator market.

The above mentioned acceleration combined with ultra-fine resolution encoders allows the SMAC actuator to accurately perform tasks at a rate previously unheard of, as well as to verify the work that it's done. All of the information the controller receives and sends is available in an ergonomic format, including position versus time, speed versus time and force versus time. The ultra-fine resolution encoder allows the SMAC actuator to verify, to the nano-meter, the dimensions of an object, allowing the actuator to be used in quality control checks for manufactured parts. The video below shows a SMAC actuator performing a quality check on a bore guage for airbags.



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The SMAC patented soft-land technology allows the actuator to rapidly approach an object, softly land on it and then exert a desired force. The controller detects the object using the the ultra-fine, micron resolution enoder. As the end of the shaft reaches the object the controller detects a minute change in position translation and 'knows' it has reached the object. It then decelerates to soflty land on the object. It also allows for accurate control of the forces appllied to the object. Below is a video showcasing how this technology is used to check for quality on a smart phone touch screen. The shaft has a simulated finger attachment and soflty lands on the screen and applies a force similar to that of the human finger.






The latest series of SMAC electric actuators. Designed to overcome problems with conventional devices in the packaging industry. The CBL offers speed, accuracy and efficiency while remaining competitive on price. Superior performance and operational costs, the CBL is an ideal solution for new machine designs and upgrades.



CBL with Built-In Controller

 An electric cylinder with a built-in controller in a single, compact package for simple installation. Ideal for applications with limited space but requiring accurate control. The electric cylinders provide significantly longer life, programmability, high speed, accuracy, and energy efficiency while remaining price-competitive. Graphical User Interface is available for the built-in controller for easy, straightforward setup of parameters. It allows you to change product profiles on the fly and improves factory uptime.



SMAC’s first series of Electric Cylinders designed to challenge pneumatic devices. CAL Series Electric Cylinders offer longer life than pneumatic cylinders, as well as more precise and repeatable force control and positioning than conventional pneumatic devices.


 SMAC's original series of linear actuators with stroke 5mm to 150mm. Longer stroke availalbe up to 350mm with Multi-pole option. Standard resolution is 5µm with 1µm, 0.5µm and 0.1µm options available on most models.





Developed as next generation servo motor based on moving coil technology. SMAC's "Snap Together" design controls tight tolerance stack-up to assures high product quality and achieves competitive price due to fewer parts. The LCA is designed to offer extremely long life cycle well over 100 million cycles at high speed applications. The range starting compact size with 8mm in height, ideal for electronics pick and place head, or force up to 110N for high speed and high cycle applications. As with all SMAC actuators the LCA are fully programmable in position, velocity and force with feedback capability. SMAC's patented "Soft-Land" function is incorporated for precise force control.


SMAC's original series of linear rotary actuators offered with either direct drive or gearbox equipped rotary units. The vacuum-built-in shaft through the rotary motor is available for some models to prevents dust build-up in the unit. These electric actuators can easily be programmed to control force/torque, position and velocity in all axes at the same time with feedback capability. Standard linear resolution is 5µm with 1µm, 0.5µm and 0.1µm options available on most models. The rotary resolution varies between 2,000 to 28,000 counts for gearbox units and 20,000 counts for the direct drive. Higher rotary encoder resolution and alternative geared motors to increase torque/gear ratio are also available.


The LCR series is the first linear rotary versions of the LCA series. The actuator is available with direct drive brushless servo motor. It's designed with linear guide built-in lubrication to offer long life cycle. Programmable force and "Soft-Land" capabilities. Absolute control over: force/torque, position, acceleration and velocity.


The LAS series is designed based on the LAL series linear actuator. Stroke ranging from 10mm to 150mm, peak force up to approx. 200N.





The LCS series is designed based on the LCA series. These electric slide are available in a wide range of style and options with stroke from 10mm to 250mm, peak force up to 90N. High or low speed and precise positioning with high repeatability make them ideal for applications such as parts feeding, scanning, testing, and measuring in wide range of industries.




Designed for precision movement applications. A very light moving mass results in high accelerations with no backlash. The SLA incorporates precision Cross Roller Guides with anti-creep protection for increased stiffness and lower friction. The Moving Coil drive is centered between Cross Rollers thus eliminating moment effects from the drive. The SLA is available with encoder resolution down to 50 nm.


SMAC electric grippers incorporate programmable speeds, positions and forces with data feedback. The ability to independently control each jaw allows precise force control, measurement and positioning. This makes them ideal for a wide range of positioning, measuring, and inspection applications, particularly where 100% verification is required. Compact gripper range starts from 5mm stroke in a overall size 55x70x17 with 1 micron encoder as standard.


SMAC offers high-speed precision XY stages. SMAC virtues of a direct drive zero backlash system, which can be controlled with great accuracy and repeatability. SMAC XY stages are equipped as standard with 5µm encoder with options down to 0.05µm encoder resolution for ultra precise positioning and scanning for industries such as bio-science, medical and photonics. They are also used for quality measurement in automotive and other industrial automation applications. The capability of controlling the velocity, acceleration, positioning and force of each axis independently, gives you a flexible and accurate tool.

CBC Single Axis Miniature Controller

Single axis miniature integrated driver & controller for single phase brush/3 phase brushless motor. The CBC can be perfectly integrated in SMAC actuators in applications with limited space but requiring accurate control.




LCC-10 SIngle Axis Brushless Controller

Single axis brushless controller with built-in amplifier, 10 bit analogue output





LAC-1 Single Axis Controller

High speed single axis controller with built in amplifier





LAC-25 Dual Axis Controller

High speed dual axis controller with built in amplifier